Congress launches two-year campaign to ‘expose’ Modi government

Congress on Tuesday launched a campaign to “expose” the performance of the Narendra Modi government, which has completed three years in power. In the presence of a set of young faces to take the BJP government, the main opposition party said it had been a total failure on all fronts, including national security, and has managed to create social tensions in 36 months.
“The government that assumed power promising good days against people left 125 people crone impotent … there is a climate of intolerance in the country … the government and its officials have created a thinking and antidelit ideology throughout the country, Were not saved by independent institutions … they had talked about a minimum and maximum governance of governance and the reality of what we see is the highest government and the minimum government, “said Jyotiraditya Scindia.
The head of the AICC Communications Department, Randeep Surjewala said that Congress would organize a national campaign with the party of mind over the next two years to expose the BJP government. Also present at the press conference were Rajasthan Congress leader Sachin Pilot, former Union Minister P R N Singh, MP Lok Sabha, Sushmita Dev and former member of the Divya Spandana Parliament.
Congressional leaders have said that the government had not kept its promises to create new jobs, to guarantee the safety of women, to alleviate agrarian anguish and to control the rise in prices. They argued that the Pakistani government’s policy was at best a flip-flop.
Pilot said problems such as rising unemployment, rising prices and farmers’ suicides did not call because the government diverts attention from people who use emotional issues like Ghar Wapsi and cow protection.
“Whether Ghar Wapsi, anti-Romeo squad … who try to impose an ideology in the country, people are terrified,” said the pilot, who added that Congress would soon introduce an alternative model of government.
Scindia said that even after militant attacks on military installations, some 3,000 military camps were vulnerable. “After each attack, the government promised a satisfactory response, but we have not seen any action on the ground … the foreign policy of this government is fickle as time … which continues to change … on the one hand, that Promise a muscular response, but on the other hand it’s sari-chai diplomacy, “he said. In matters of national security, Singh said Modi had visited Pakistan for a party “then there were several attacks. Is it your nationalism?
The Congress also released a video titled “Teenage Saal, 30 tikadam” as part of its campaign.

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