High Commissioner Abdul Basit Says No Information About India’s Attack on Pak Posts

New Delhi: Pakistan’s High Commissioner for India Abdul Basit on Tuesday rejected the attack on the Indian army on its territory in the Naushera sector and said it had not received any reports on the Pakistani side.
“There is nothing to brag about. This reinforces Pakistan’s assertion that we have to solve the problem peacefully,” Basit CNN-News18 said in an exclusive interview.
News18: At a time when there are no real signs of thawing in the cold between the two neighbors – India and Pakistan, which has with me Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit. Thank you very much for talking to News18. Now, even as we begin to speak, there is no information from the Indian army fired at Pakistani positions in the Nowshera area. How would he react to that?
Basit: Thank you for showing me. First of all, I have not received anything from Pakistan, it is very difficult for me to comment. It sets out two things: first, the centrality of the J & K conflict between the two countries and, in any case, something that has happened today, shows how important it is for both countries to sit on the table and resolve this difference. Secondly, unfortunately, despite the ceasefire, the 2003 cease-fire, the Control Line remains relatively unstable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that such things do not happen.
News18: But sir, there is a perception that Pakistan is claiming that LoC warmed up at the moment. In fact, the allegation is that the Pakistani army and the charges that were found today contributed to the infiltration of terrorists. How do you expect your neighbor to continue with any kind of dialogue when terrorists are pushed into the Control Line?

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