Kozmi Cow or Pulpy Shilpy or Mama Kitty: Who is the real Gowri Jayakumar?

Gowri Jayakumar has many musical names. Composer and versatile musician, Jayakumar is produced in at least four different musical avatars: Pussy Run Run Kozmi Cow, Kitty Mom and Pulpy Shilpy.

Born in Trivandrum, raised in New Delhi and currently living in Pune, the former journalist releases the media in search of their true love: music. Jayakumar was 15 when he learned to play the guitar.

“All my friends have joined guitar lessons during the summer break,” he said. “It started there, [playing an instrument] gave me a sense of purpose.” Jayakumar described himself as an annoying person, “scattered and mostly stupid.” Making sense of music was the antidote to attach to himself.

“It was then that I disappeared, and there is no burden to be me,” he said. “I love that time and space have no effect as soon as it starts.”

Jayakumar likes classic rock and roll: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Janis Joplin and composers like Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Frank Zappa prominently on their favorites list.

Communication through music, Jayakumar found, is almost easier than using words. “All this requires me sitting in my room, writing quietly is a strange process – I take music for the group with a vision, but I have no ability to convey. However, everything is connected in some way,” she said.

Pulp Shilpy his electronic / experimental act, he ventures into a more production-centered space, mentally and musically. Jayakumar recently released a track called Kaadal Mannan as part of the compilation of Smoke Where Not Jwala, a new collective based in Mumbai.

Jayakumar’s other group, Run Run Pussy, also an EP foot in the pipeline, with a new video for a single called cockroaches and the launch of a video tour.

Jayakumar wishes she explored sound production early in her life. “I like to focus on sound, this is quite a new experience for me,” he said. “Music is an ultra lonely trip for me and I want to see people as a collaborative process. I can discover new worlds of sound by myself, but it put me in a room full of musicians for an impromptu jam and I freeze.

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