‘Mommy, please bring a gold medal home’: Shot-putter Manpreet Kaur lives up to her billing

The biggest inspiration Manpreet Kaur is a five-and-a-half-year-old woman sitting in front of a home TV in Patiala, looking to win a gold medal at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneshwar.

Before leaving home for the biannual meeting, her daughter Jasnoor Kaur told her to take the gold in clear terms. Kaur is constantly worried about her while she and her husband-trainer Karamjit Singh must travel Jasnoor to leave home.

Although she is happier now, there was a time when Manpreet had moved away from athletics because of her pregnancy in 2010. Karamjit said: “Athletes practicing near us in Patiala.” She looked at them and said she wanted to come back. , Manpreet resumes sport. ”

The Olympic brand Michelle Carter of more than 20 years may be far from the Punjabi, but Manpreet can not be mocked: “When men can land blows higher than 20 meters, we can as well.The goal in London is to throw more than 19 meters “.

“I’ve always liked this event since I took over in 2006. I had the smaller record of 15.44 meters, but I had to stop training because of my baby,” Speaks manpreet beginnings.

The 27-year-old was inspired by his cousins, one is a 100-meter runner and another is a discus thrower. His brother, Jagjit Singh, was the coach of Karamjit and it was he who collected the two, he said.

Karamjit also speaks of a change in technique from 2013, “Before 2010, he used the technique of slip. In 2013, his other trainers at NIS Patiala laughed when I suggested using the rotation technique instead. ”

He will explain, “The downside is that most of his competitors are bigger than him.” The rotation technique compensates for this by using the strength of his upper body in which he possesses a large amount. And now the results are there for all to see. ”

Life has not been easy for Manpreet. Born into a family of five, the eldest of three siblings, Kaur lost his father, a farmer, at the age of 13. His mother was paralyzed three years later since his early days in the sport were far from happy.

Although Kaur occupies a position on the DCW Patiala railroad with Karamjit, which has an auditor bills office and Patiala station. Karamjit said his steady trip has disagreed with his employers and had to borrow a large loan to finance his expenses.

He also qualified for Rio, but the tragedy struck the family before the Olympics. “Bhupinder Singh, my stepfather was fond of sports at home and had convinced me to train, he died in June. That really disturbed my preparation,” said Manpreet with a touch of sadness in his voice.

Karamjit agrees, “He was a pillar of support for her.After her death, I could not travel with her to Rio.I know all her techniques and routines, but I was not there to support her.I could only guide her over the phone and not Help me “.

Manpreet insists Karamjit, it will only improve over time. “The first goal was to qualify for the World Championship, it’s done, the next goal is to improve by 19 meters.

On the day of the competition, Manpreet revealed that time was a problem for her: “I’m not used to this humidity.

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