Outside Washington’s ‘Blazing Inferno,’ Democrats Seek an Agenda

WASHINGTON – As the nation’s capital was rocked by revelation after revelation to investigate any link between the country and Russia’s Trump, the Democrats in Washington focused on what they saw as nothing less than saving the Republic. In more than 1,800 miles, Rob Quist, a Democrat candidate in a special election for the House, who will assess the mood of the country this spring, focused on high insurance premiums, not serious crimes. Quist, who works to fill the vacated post by Home Secretary Ryan Zinke, was in Wolf Point, Montana, assaulting his Republican rival, Greg Gianforte, over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The appearance was part of a week-long “Hands Off Our Health Care” tour that Democrats are hoping to piss on May 25.
“Russia is important to the American public, but health care directly affects people’s lives,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Montana regulars talk about spring snow storm we just have, this health care bill, it affects every day. They know that something is wrong in Washington, but in their daily life, it now does not affect the contrast between What the Democrats in Washington consume and their candidates are trying to illustrate a new challenge for the party that the president becomes increasingly led to controversy. For all the evil that they face their enemies in the White House, the Democrats have yet to develop a coherent message about the policies that President Trump uses to attract working-class voters into his campaign. And at least for the moment, voters whose Democrats need to win focus more on their own problems President.
After a campaign in which they have learned the hard way that an anti-Trump message was insufficient, Democrats again attack how to balance the response to apparent transgressions of M. Trump and the development of a policy program affirmative.

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