Students rejoice as HC tells CBSE to retain grace marks policy

In an important relief for students, the Delhi Supreme Court ordered Tuesday the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations assess the X class and XII Board this year, according to policy margins thanks that became fashionable when students introduced Examination forms.
A benchmark judge acting Gita Mittal and Judge Pratibha M. Singh refused to allow the CBSE to withdraw its restriction policy from the examinations conducted this year, saying that “rules can not be changed after the start Game”.
Under the moderation policy, thank-you notes are given to students for difficult subject examinations or errors in document questions. The CBSE said it will consult with the Department of Human Resources Development Ministry on the request.
“The Council will examine the court order in detail and consult with the Ministry to establish the future course. This, however, can not delay results, since moderation is not a very long task,” a source said.
If a petition is heard by a parent and a lawyer appealing the Council’s decision to eliminate the policy of containment, the bank said: “These children, who have worked so hard, are entitled to some stability and the only stability they know to be The system, do not put insecurity in the country, do not do it (withdrawal from the police) this year, “the bank said.
The decision is important because some states, such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have decided not to withdraw this year’s containment policy. The PIL argued that the students of these states would have an advantage over the others when they entered the University of Delhi.
The court said that if the decision to remove CBSE policy was “wonderful” because it sought to standardise the evaluation process to address the issue of brand “score”, which should have been done prospectively and uniformly for All over the country. “

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