The first total solar eclipse moves from the west coast to the east coast in almost a century sees parts of the United States in the dark during the day of August 21.

With just a month, Newsweek spoke with Jay Pasachoff, an American astronomy field teacher at Williams University, about the eclipse of what is happening in the day and what we can learn from the coast event.

For an astronomer, it is a fantastic opportunity to get data on the sun that is not otherwise available.

To the general public, it is a fantastic and awake experience when it suddenly becomes darker a thousand times in a few seconds in the middle of the day. Many people call the best experience I’ve ever had, even “evolution of life.”

During a total eclipse, when the moon blocks the solar photosphere (the sun every day, the sphere from which Greek images meaning, light, comes), the blue sky disappears and you can see the light outside the Sun, which It is usually too small to be seen.

The total eclipses are visible from a narrow road one hundred miles wide and thousands of miles every 18 months. So they are not so rare if you are willing to travel.

But if you wait for a place after seeing a total eclipse, on average you have to wait about 350 years for it to show a second total eclipse.

This is the first total solar eclipse in 99 years that the trajectory of the whole crosses the continental part of the west coast of the United States to the east coast. This is the first total solar eclipse that surpasses that of the United States and any other country.

If you are in the group all, you will see (if you look through special “sunscreens” that obscure the sun around 100,000), the moon gradually covers the sun for about 75 minutes, then everything beautiful And then discovered for another 75 min.

At the beginning of all, the increasing balance of the discovery of the sun trigger, and bright spots (‘Baily Pearls’) will shine through the valleys along the Moon.

The latest cable is so bright compared to everything in the sky that is called the “diamond ring” effect with the inner solar crown ring as the band.

Everything will be good for a maximum of two minutes and 40 seconds, depending on where you are in the path of the whole; The crown is visible and the sky will darken around the Sun, with a reddish horizon around it. Then the diamond ring and Baily ball appear in reverse.

They only see a partial eclipse – and they’re going to wonder why others think an eclipse is fabulous. Just everything that is fabulous.

During a partial eclipse, it is not interesting to search (through a special “solar” filter all the time) and see the moon cover slowly, then discover the Sun, but nothing spectacular.

There will be a total eclipse whose trajectory of totality passes from Texas in Cleveland and Canada to northern New England April 8, 2024.

But if all you see are the partial phases, it will have the same effect for the annular eclipse (the moon is a little further from us than the average, so it does not completely cover the sun, leaving a ring – a ring Sunlight every day, so the sky is blue and Baily’s beads / diamond ring / Crown does not appear).

Partial phases will be visible in parts of the eastern United States on June 10, 2021; And in the USA. Along with the trajectory of the annular eclipse of October 14, 2023, which annularity sweep the United States. West Texas to Oregon.

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