Trump, Putin discuss Russian meddling in 2016 campaign. But accounts differ

President Trump met on Friday for more than two hours with Russian President Vladimir Poutine, after which the two sides have offered apparently contradictory accounts of their discussions on US intelligence findings of Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in a televised interview that Trump has accepted Putin’s statement that Russia “has not hindered the elections” and called the “bizarre and bizarre” controversy according to the translation of the words Lavrov .

However, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during a conference out of the picture with the United States press that Trump began his conversation “raising concerns of Americans regarding Russia’s interference,” followed by a focus ” Robust “and” long “of the question. ”

Trump and Putin agreed that the controversy over Russia’s interference in the elections is a “substantial obstacle to the capacity of closer relations between the United States and Russia,” Tillerson said, and that he wanted to move forward.

“There was not much reliquage in the past,” Tillerson said. “Both leaders felt that there are many things they are not happy about,” but they wanted to try to go through it. Lavrov said separately that there was “a constructive atmosphere.”

The two presidents decided to establish a “framework” for monitoring and evaluating cyberattacks should be “accountable.”

The conversation covered a number of other issues, including Ukraine, Syria, terrorism and cyber security, authorities said.

The meeting went beyond the allocated 30 minutes, which is not surprising given the recent meetings between Presidents Putin and the United States. However, it is noteworthy given the incredible taking into account that, which takes place in the context of multiple surveys of Russia’s participation in the 2016 elections and of the potential collusion involving former and current deputies Trump.

“The two presidents were driven by their national interests, and the two realized that the two countries can not do that if we seek a balance between the interests of both countries and if we want the main stability,” said Tillerson.

Trump and Putin exchanged cordial and warm greetings to the press before launching the meeting, which included only the two presidents, and Tillerson Lavrov, and two translators.

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