Tubelight The Radio Song: Salman Khan is at his most innocent in this dance-worthy track. Watch video

Tubelight’s first song, Song Radio, was released last night and the Internet has not expired. Salman Khan fans are committed to making the song tubelight a success and it does not matter if it was broadcast on Tuesday by Dubai in Dubai. The famous song “Good News” and Salman gives his new fans no hook with the song. The last time Salman Khan and Kabir Khan released a song in similar environments, it was The Re’s super-realistic self-portrait. Can Tubelight Radio Song recreate the same fan frenzy? The next Salman Khan Tubelight movie is already on the news. From their intriguing posters and frames behind the beginning of the script and now their emoji Twitter, Tubelight certainly gives us all the best. And add to the excitement is Tubelight’s first song titled “The Radio Song.” Salman Khan is probably at his best on the track that gives us already seen more than 60 glorious years. The song with a retro touch is a good idea of ​​what this director Kabir Khan has in store for the public. Watching the video, we can understand that the character of Salman Khan just received good news and celebrate among the inhabitants of the area. He follows his way in the streets and with people around, listening to the audience with him through melodious singing as well.
Salman Khan has shared The Song Radio on his Twitter page. Even the official Twitter feature of the film has continued to post updates on the release of the song in Dubai. “The Song Radio” is located in a fictional city of Jagatpura and it was learned that Kabir has recreated the location in itself Mumbai because he wanted it to be natural and modernization intact. In the song, we see Salman making his innocent face and dancing with people dressed like the inhabitants of the mountainous region of India.

The first images of “The Radio Song” have been revealed by the creators at any given time. And now with its release, waiting for the complete trailer of the film that becomes difficult. The song was released in Dubai, while Salman is in Abu Dhabi for his next film, Tiger Zinda Hai. Kabir was also in Dubai to film a tourism film with Shah Rukh Khan. Therefore, the venue became an ideal launching pad for the first interesting track Tubelight.

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