Will Tesla Disrupt Long Haul Trucking?

Will Tesla Disrupt Long Haul Trucking?

Tesla said it will show a truck that will beat the world in September, industry sees it as impossible.

Long-distance transport has to do with the economy. The cost per mile of costs, the bling does not count. Could Tesla get it?

The semi-Tesla Special truck will use the 3-engine model suggests a radical change in design trucks. If it succeeds, Tesla could win.

Tesla’s technology and expertise in network storage can enable a highly competitive electric truck model.

If the Tesla truck is successful, a truck industry in fast economic transition and could result in an increase in the batteries of the supply chains.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) tells us that in September will be released a powerful semi-electric truck to get. Tesla is not talking about a specialized short-range truck delivering the bakery pen rise for a Sunday brunch in Silicon Valley.

Tesla is supposed to carry this heavy cargo truck over long distances, across the mountain ranges from one end of America to the other. The Tesla electric truck assumes competing with the best cost-based diesel platforms in an industry that takes into account the cost of fractions of a penny per mile.

Road transport is a highly competitive industry, fully exploited by cost, cost and cost. Even the coffee beverage chambers ($ 0.004 / mile) is a consideration.

Tesla has sold many electric cars in the base of high performance and “bling” but Tesla engineers can sharpen their pencils, put their green screens and compete with the cost?

If Tesla can build a truck to beat the world, which also offers a total cost per mile, this could disrupt another industry. And this is something that investors should be concerned about.

Potential Tesla truck image There is only one thing. Everyone in the industry “knows” that a realistic battery-electric truck is not possible.

Batteries weigh too much. Batteries are too expensive. Batteries take too long to recharge.

Although it is possible to manufacture a fuel cell – an electric truck that could be refueled with hydrogen fuel or a diesel truck that uses liquefied natural gas, there is absolutely no success, never a truck battery can carry out this work.

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